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2 years ago

Rejuvenate With Our Best Health Retreat with Great Value

We invite you to have a life changing experience for your body, mind and spirit. We place high emphasis on the benefits of retreat, and encourage you to enjoy the peace and quiet of our retreat center.

Detox retreat brings together medical science and holistic therapies on a tailored holiday recommended for experienced detoxers. With herbal remedies, supplements and a complete program of daily therapies, this is designed to optimize your detoxification process in every way. In addition to standard detox therapies, further treatments from both eastern and western medical traditions are combined to enhance well-being on all levels. We invite you to have a life changing experience for your body, mind and spirit. We place high emphasis on the benefits of retreat, and encourage you to enjoy the peace and quiet of the healing center. Should you need and request it, our staff and practitioners are always available by appointment for therapy, treatment and advice.

During your fast, you may find that your health retreat is more open to benefiting from these healing therapies, as detoxification purifies both the physical and emotional body. Fasting is the perfect time to receive these therapies, as your body and mind are able to incorporate the benefits more effectively and intensely. It is a place to relax rest and renew your health and vitality. We provide a selection of well-proven, safe and effective fasting programs, utilizing high quality natural organic herbs and cleansing drinks.

During your stay with us you can enjoy many healthy pursuits including yoga, meditation, massages and spa treatments.

2 years ago

Best Detox Retreat for the Great Relaxation with Healthier Methods

Our expert panel of doctors have cultivated envious reputation amongst all the well known institutions and people across the world for treatment of a variety of chronic ailments but not limited to, psoriasis, arthritis, asthma, cancer, paralysis, infertility etc; seasonal allergies etc; General health issues like obesity, sinusitis, migraine like ailments etc, traditional stress reduction and relaxation methods, rejuvenation, skin care, detoxification of body.

Our treatment team comprises a well qualified chief physician with years of experience of working in highly reputable health retreat programs, amply experienced in-house female physician for all female guests to interact freely during their visit and highly experienced male and female technicians and yoga instructor. Our services will be outstanding during your entire stay from the treatment team and hospitality department. Our modern retreat is now one of the leading detox retreat. While the setting is so lovely that you could come here just to unwind, it’s also a brilliant place to tackle a health problem or lose weight. With medical and nutritional check-ups and consultations, therapies, personal training, life coaching and sessions in the life learning centre in everything from t’ai chi to cooking; you come away feeling as though you’ve had a thorough. Best of all, the food – which is crucial to everything – is ridiculously healthy and absolutely delicious. There are also organized walks and runs, if you want them, along the coastal path. These holidays derive from the health benefits through good nutrition, carefully chosen treatments and well-being activities such as yoga to achieve mental clarity, body detoxification and stress reduction.

You'll receive a specialized consultation before starting your program to establish clear goals and, where necessary, customize your program so that it's tailored to you.